Want to win your next session of outdoor laser tag? We feel you.
When you play at Rumble you’re not just playing a game, it’s an epic adventure with you dodging your opponents, ducking behind barriers, and unleashing your inner warrior. Whether you’re a rookie or a laser tag legend, mastering this high-octane activity requires more than just quick reflexes – it takes cunning strategy and a knack for outsmarting your opponents. 

Understanding the Basics of Outdoor Laser Tag

Before diving into advanced strategies, let’s brush up on the basics of outdoor laser tag. The game’s goal is simple: tag opponents with your laser gun while avoiding being tagged yourself. Each player is equipped with a state-of-the-art gun and wears a headband with sensors that register hits. Points are awarded for successful hits, and the player or team with the highest score wins. 

Now, let’s explore some tried-and-tested strategies to help you dominate the Rumble arena:

1. Stay Mobile:

One of the cardinal rules of laser tag is to keep on moving. Standing still makes you an easy target for opponents, and with our equipment being accurate up to 250 meters, nobody is safe!

Use the obstacles and barriers to your advantage. Move swiftly, change directions frequently, and never stay in one spot for too long. By staying mobile, you’ll make yourself an annoying target to hit.


2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:

We don’t want to sound too philosophical, but teamwork is always key to victory.

At Rumble, your team will be made up of new and familiar faces, so be sure to coordinate with your teammates, and strategise your moves together. For the more experienced groups, why not consider dividing roles within your team, such as attackers, defenders, and scouts? 

Work together to cover each other’s blind spots, flank opponents, and control key areas of the arena (especially the towers). Remember, a cohesive team is a formidable force in laser tag.

3. Aim for Accuracy:

At Rumble, we know it’s easy to become trigger-happy, that’s why we show it on the scoreboard at the end of every game. While rapid fire may seem tempting, precision is paramount in laser tag. Take your time to aim carefully and make each shot count. By focusing on accuracy over quantity, you’ll maximize your scoring potential and outshine your rivals.

4. Duck & Hide To Win

Strategic use of cover and concealment can give you a significant advantage in laser tag. Take cover behind obstacles, walls, and barriers to shield yourself from enemy fire. Use these structures to peek out, take shots, and retreat safely. Additionally, use darkness and shadows to your advantage, making it harder for opponents to spot and target you. Remember to stay aware of your surroundings and use cover to move stealthily throughout the arena.

5. Play Mind Games:

In outdoor laser tag, psychological warfare can be just as effective as physical prowess – especially for those who aren’t the speediest. Use deception, distraction, and misdirection to throw off your opponents and gain the upper hand. Fake out your rivals with feints and decoys, lure them into traps, and exploit their mistakes. Keep them guessing and on their toes, and you’ll have them playing right into your hands.

So gear up, lock and load, and get ready to dominate the outdoor laser tag battlefield like a true champion!