Tech fueled fun...

You'll play a variety of games during your time in the arena. At the end of each mission you'll get to see how you and your team performed on a big screen in the Ranger's cabin. There are virtual medals awarded for all kinds of things - best shot-to-kill ratio, 'survivalist', most trigger happy and top gun to name just a few

The Equipment

Your rifle is a very special piece of kit. Switch between your primary and secondary gun depending on the job in hand. Unlock better weapons through ‘kill streaks’ or find hidden utility boxes to be rewarded with special equipment to give you the edge over the enemy.

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The 3 Maps

With space for 100 players over 3 different zones, you'll have a different Rumble experience every visit

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Our Rumble Rangers will take good care of you. There are no flying objects to worry about and your feet stay firmly on the ground!

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